Embroidery of logos

Logo embroidery allows you to enhance the image of your company, emphasizing the feature on brand recognition. The most popular is embroidery on T-shirts, embroidery on bathrobes, embroidery on table napkins, embroidery on corporate clothing of all types. Branded T-shirts are the easiest and fastest way to get ready for any holiday.


To find out the cost of machine embroidery, give us the following information:
  • embroidery size, cm (Height x Width);
  • number of embroidery thread colors;
  • the material on which the logo (fabric or finished product) will be applied;
  • type of material to be embroidered;
  • in what place the product or material should be embroidery;
  • number of embroidery units (circulation);

With this information, we will be able to guide you about the approximate cost of decoration, and the cost of designing an embroidery machine. It is worth noting that embroidery of logos on a fabric will cost cheaper than embroidering of logos on finished clothes (wares). This is due to more time spent on preparing finished products for embroidery.

The final cost per unit of embroidery, agrees after designing the program for embroidery. Average cost of design development from 100 UAH. The full cost of complex design work is tailored individually, and measured according to the time spent by our designer.

Computer embroidery with metallized thread and the use of fabric applications increases the cost of work by 30%.

We use only professional equipment and quality materials for finishing, so that the result of the work were unique products. To accurately calculate the cost of embroidery, contact the manager directly, call us, or visit our office!

You can order embroidery in our online designer by filling in the appropriate parameters:

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