Repair of textile and clothing

The team of professional tailors Grehori Textile offers a fast and quality repair of textile and clothing.

We provide all services of textile and clothing repair

Oftentimes, the item is almost new or in a very good condition, but a slight disadvantage, such as the wrong size or a stitch that has split apart at the seam forces you to stop using it. Do you throw it away, hide it on the highest shelf of the cabinet, or take a needle and thread to repair it yourself without any sewing skills? In order not to spoil the product and get a professional solution to the problem and level stitches instead - contact Grehori Textile. The master will listen carefully to your wishes, examine a piece of clothing or a textile accessory, and suggest possible solutions to the problem with estimating the cost on the spot.

Do you need to fix or alter the clothes?

The atelier specializes in the following kinds of repair of clothes and textiles:
  • shortening and lengthening of items;
  • adjusting the size;
  • sewing the split seams;
  • change of silhouette;
  • fixing of snags;
  • taking off the peels;
  • restoration of items burned through with an iron or a cigarette;
  • restoration of items with scuffs and cuts, and the clothes damaged by moth;
  • repair and replacement of lining, collars, cuffs, hangers and other parts;
  • installing zippers, buttons, rivets;
  • sewing the buttons, decorations, labels;
  • tailoring and repair of pockets;
  • processing of textile items (manual and machine seam, overlock);
  • laying patches;
  • cutting ant tailoring the drapes;
  • other repair works

People who turn to Grehori Textile can rely on timely and quality repairs that will help you bring back your favorite piece of wardrobe or interior. Masters of the company use modern sewing technologies and tools, as well as only high-quality materials (fabrics, materials, threads, fixtures, etc.). With regard to the cost of services, we have a democratic service pricing affordable to everyone.

Do you have a clothing or textile repair emergency? We are waiting for you at street Doroga Kryvchytska 17a, Lviv, Ukraine.  – Contact us, we will be glad to help you.