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Protective medical suits belong to specialized working robe. They are in great demand among the representatives of medical institutions, food and chemical industries, cleaning services. Occupational safety standards presuppose the use of both disposable and reusable protective medical suits (which can be purchased in our online store). Special fabrics and appropriate technologies are used in the production of personal medical equipment.

Protective medical suits: types and features

The use of this type of clothing is aimed at serving several functions:

  • Protecting the worker from the negative effects of the environment.
  • Prevention of dust and lint in the finished product, as well as contamination (mixing) of ingredients.
  • Ensuring perfect sterility in “clean” rooms.

The design of the product guarantees a high level of protection of the head and body from viruses and bacteria, fiberglass, toxic aerosols, industrial pollution, dust (including radioactive) and other fine substances.

You can quickly choose medical protective suits and buy them at an affordable price from the catalog of our online store

Disposable models and reusable clothing are available for order:

  • Disposable protective suits are made of quality spunbond (100% polyester). It is a light and at the same time wear-resistant fabric that is permeable to air without interfering with natural heat transfer. The material has antistatic properties, soft and pleasant texture.
  • Reusable medical protective suits are waterproof. The main material used is a durable raincoat rubber fabric (100% high density polyester). The product is designed for repeated treatment with disinfectants and sterilization in an autoclave.

Consultants are always ready to provide additional information on the product, to help with the choice taking into account the specificity of your company or institution.

How to choose medical protective suits?

Manufacturers offer a wide range of personal equipment for medical staff. Disposable overalls are recommended for purchase by professionals who are in short-term contact with the source of the potential danger. After usage, disposable protective suits for doctors are soaked in a disinfectant solution, followed by disposal according to all rules. Such overalls are in great demand among representatives of repair and construction companies, which are daily exposed to dust and fine substances (cement, construction mixtures, etc.). Protective medical suits are recommended for workers of food shops and cleaning companies.

Protective medical suits has a denser texture, it is resistant to significant temperature effects and  disinfectants. The equipment is intended for long-term use in contact with biohazardous agents. Reusable medical overalls are in demand among the staff of medical and veterinary clinics, utilities and other institutions that work with hazardous raw materials of biological and chemical origin.

Advantages of protective medical clothing from GREHORI TEXTILE

Our company uses wearproof and checked materials, reliable technologies in production. We offer protective suits for doctors, which you can buy with a guarantee of their impeccable quality.

Among the main advantages of this category of goods are:

  • Reliability. Strong fixation is provided by sewn elastic bands, zippers, straps and Velcro. The lightness of the fabric is combined with its guaranteed integrity, resistance to moisture. All seams are made perfectly, with the help of modern equipment.
  • Comfort. Protective suits against viruses are comfortable for humans. They gently envelop the figure without interfering with active movements and without rubbing the skin. With the help of velcro fasteners, the perfect fit of overalls to the body is achieved.
  • Versatility. The catalog presents several options for medical protective overalls, you can buy them in sizes S, M, L, XL, XX.

All our products meet European and domestic quality standards.