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Roller blinds: stylish, innovative, practical

Roller blinds can safely be called the most successful solution for windows in a modern interior. After all, it’s a combination of aesthetics, convenience, functionality, and longevity you’ve been looking all this time.

Mechanism and types of roller blinds

The principle of the design is quite simple – the cloth fabric is rolled up, forming into a roll with the help of a shaft. The lift level can be adjusted manually or with the help of a remote control.

Depending on the mechanism, there are two types of roll curtains:

Open. It consists of a cloth and a shaft attached to a window box or a wall above the window. At the bottom of the canvas, there is a small bar to keep the blind nicely hung.

Closed. The shaft is hidden under a special box, and on the edges of the canvas, there are additional guides so that the curtain closes the window as accurately and effectively as possible.

There are roller blinds that come in different density, texture and color of the canvas. This allows you to pick the most optimal model for all kind of purposes.

10 advantages of roll curtains

Suitable for home, and for administrative and corporate buildings.

Reliable, convenient and simple control mechanism.

High quality, verified by certificates.

Fabric for cloths is treated with antistatic, water and dust-repellent mixtures.

A wide range of fabrics by density and light transmittance.

A huge selection of colors, patterns and textures.

Do not fade, deform, or evaporate harmful substances.

They occupy considerably less space than ordinary curtains, which is good for small rooms.

When applying an image or logo, roller blinds can perform an advertising function.

With such undeniable advantages, roller blinds also have an affordable price.

Roll curtains: specialty and interior comfort

Due to their aesthetics and multifunctionality, the rolls look great in any living room, emphasize its modern design and superb taste of the host. These practical constructs will perfectly complement minimalistic, ethos, high-tech and even classics styles. In addition, thanks to a wide range of fabric textures, their diverse properties, and multiple colors, fit great in any room: children’s, kitchen, cabinets, living rooms, etc. Also, roller blinds will look beautiful in offices, restaurants, hotels, bars and other places and establishments.

The virtual catalog of the Grehori Textile workshop will surprise you with a wide selection of textures and roller blind materials. You can find models with an open and closed design, monochrome and bright colored canvases, day and night roller blinds among others. Choose a rich assortment and attractive prices.