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Vertical blinds have long been familiar to many as an indispensable attribute of offices, banks, pharmacies, cafes and other public places. Equipped with special mechanisms the rectangular curtain rod, to which the strips – lamellae are fastened. Strips are made from specially processed fabric, aluminum or plastic. The popularity of the structure is associated with the convenience and ease of use. The appearance of the product is quite stylish and attractive.

The technologies are rapidly moving forward, and due to the emergence of new types of materials, vertical blinds have become an office window decorative option that is used more and more in residential areas. The variety of colors and textures allows you to choose the best option for any room and complement even the most refined interiors.

Vertical blinds: the advantages are obvious

In the manufacturing process uses only high-quality, eco-friendly materials – fabric, plastic, metal.

Vertical blinds perfectly protect from sunlight, serving as a modern, more practical alternative to the usual curtain.

By turning the lamellae, the mechanism installed on the vertical blinds allows precise control over the level of light flux.

By processing fabric elements using a dust and moisture repellent makes them easy to clean, saving time you some time.

Vertical blinds made of plastic or aluminum – the perfect solution for rooms that have special requirements for sterility.

The only successful and practical option for large and non-standard windows.

A wide range of colors, textures. Can serve an advertising function if the logo is applied to the strip.

Used for zoning areas – as interior partitions.

Have a long lifespan.

Easy to install and use.


Vertical blinds from Grehori Textile

Although the mechanism of vertical blinds is simple, the construct is quite high maintenance. Low-quality cornice material, slight roughness on the sliders or mounting errors – and the system will quickly fail or will require frequent repairs. Grehori Textile Workshop offers only quality blinds, professional installers, and most importantly – honest, reasonable prices. Call today!