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Blinds “blackout” would be a good solution if there is a need for a total eclipse of the room. The name of the product speaks for itself. They are made of sheer fabrics, which can completely restrain the penetration of sunlight so that even in the brightest room you can create a feeling that outside the window is a dark night.

Blackout blinds are commonly used in children’s rooms or bedrooms when all windows are on the sunny side. Also, they will be useful when you need to create an effect of full darkening of the room, for example, in nightclubs, casinos, cinemas.

Blackout Features

Sheer curtains “Blackout” –  is an absolutely unique product: they combine the aesthetics of traditional drapery fabrics and special practical properties. Blackouts are manufactured from a very dense, but ductile fabric that has a number of advantages. Such curtains are not only sheer but also have noise and thermal insulation properties.

They do not fade on the sun and are easy to take care of. Due to the smooth surface, they do not accumulate dust – so they do not cause allergic reactions.

A simple design creates conditions for ease of use. The mechanism (spring or chain) fixes the sheer fabric in the required position. Curtains can close the window partially or completely, which is very convenient. In addition, blackouts look great, maintain their shape and fit perfectly into any interior.

Grehori Textile Blackouts – aesthetics and comfort day and night

Our company offers high-quality roller blinds “Day-and-Night” with different installation systems, as well as from fabrics of different colors, and with prints. You can choose the appropriate model for home, public or commercial use. Blackouts do not only perform a practical function. Designers at Grehori Textile execute original ideas, including those that came from a customer sketch. Blackout Blinds in Classical or Modern Style? No problem! We will find what is needed for your interior! Contact us and see for yourself!