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Curtains for a hotel

Our tailor-made curtains for hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other facilities are designed using the best materials and modern equipment. Therefore, our textiles stand out with aesthetics, refinement of models, the practicality of use, and durability of preserving the original look.

For tailoring custom-made curtains with individual parameters, we offer a wide range of fabrics and decor. You can order textiles in a classic or modern design style, in the right colors and sizes. Beautiful and elegant curtains in different styles and types tailored by our masters will ideally complement the interior decoration, bring an atmosphere of comfort and coziness, and adhere to the highest standards of the place.

Tailoring curtains for a hotel

Curtains designed for windows of hotels and restaurants should not only have an aesthetic function but also fulfill another mission – to protect the place from excessive sunlight (if necessary) and from external noise. Also, tailoring curtains for a hotel can be done for the purpose of zoning the space, separating rooms or large halls to separate sites. When ordering curtains from “GREHORI TEXTILE”, you get textiles that:

· Developed by designers and the most compatible with the existing or planned interior;

· Made of the best fabrics and retain the shape and color brightness for a long time, stay tear-proof after repeated washings or ironing, do not fade or pill, are easy to clean and hypoallergenic;

· Require minimum maintenance;

. Can be fire-retardant.

Fire-retardant curtains are most often used in hotel complexes since fire-retardant curtain fabrics exclude the possibility of fire.

Also in “GREHORI TEXTILE” product range, you will find bathroom curtains, curtains from outdoor fabrics (curtains for gazebos, terraces, Roman curtains), which have special protection from humidity or fading in the sun.

Where to order curtains for the hotel?

If you are looking for where to order curtains for the hotel, our company will be able to help you in choosing the best solution according to all your wishes and requirements, and following deadlines. You can order curtains in Lviv to different regions of Ukraine. Call now to get a consultation or to arrange a meeting.