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 Tablecloths for restaurants
Tailoring tablecloths for restaurants allows you to enhance the image of the place, and elegantly complement the style of the interior. The company “GREHORI TEXTILE” offers custom tailoring of tablecloths of any size, shape, color, composition. By ordering fabric products from us, you will certainly get high-quality tablecloths sewn by professional craftsmen on modern equipment with the use of the best materials.

You can buy exclusive and practical tablecloths for restaurants, cafes, banquet halls, hotels, directly from our production at bulk prices. If you are starting a restaurant business, or you want to make a professional design makeover and attract the attention of new guests with beauty and luxury, you should trust companies with experience.

A wide range of tablecloths fabrics from Ukraine, Italy, Poland, Holland, Spain, Turkey, Belarus, enables us to make the best items in color, and in quality, to match different tastes and possibilities.

In the range of our materials, the most popular one is a fabric with teflon coating, which provides reliable protection against dirt and durability of use. Another novelty of our company is transparent tablecloths, which are often used for gazebos, catering, as well as for protection of tables with an exquisite surface.

All items of our manufacturing allow for applying logos, embroidery, prints or other types of decor. The embroidery of the company logo on the tablecloth or napkin especially emphasizes the status and level of your place.


Tailoring of tablecloths for restaurants

To buy tablecloths for restaurants, you need to choose a reliable manufacturer. Cooperation with our company gives you several important advantages:

Consultation on generally accepted standards in the selection and use of table textiles in restaurants;

Basic rules of etiquette in a restaurant, for the following of which the textiles are important for your guest;

Individual approach to each client;

The ability to order tablecloths in the needed quantity, the right size and color with delivery;

Development of a unique design with the help of professional experts;

Availability of a wide range of quality fabrics from around the world, which will allow choosing the best option for each of our clients.

When ordering custom tailoring of tablecloths from us, you can continue to buy the same products to supplement the required quantity. Our products fully comply with all the contemporary requirements, have a high practicality and durability of preserving their original aesthetics. All tablecloths for cafes, restaurants and other facilities produced by our masters do not lose the brightness of colors and stay tear-proof for a long time.

Buy tablecloths for restaurant

Tablecloths for restaurants should be not only attractive in appearance, but also of the highest quality. Besides the aesthetic function, these fabrics should protect restaurant furniture from dirt and damage. Therefore, we always take into account which type of restaurant tablecloths are made for, how strong the fabric should be in order to withstand the daily load for as long as possible. To order tablecloths for the restaurant, you need to specify:

· Product size and shape (table size);

· The desired material (jacquard, waterproof fabrics, organic cotton, flax, etc.);

· The color corresponding to the chosen interior and style;

· Items quantity.

If it is difficult for you to resolve such issues on your own, our specialists will surely help you choose the best options.

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