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Table pad

To keep the table surfaces in a restaurant, cafe, banquet hall in hotels undamaged you need to use a special table pad under the tablecloth. Tris fabric item protects restaurant furniture from moisture, stains, scratches, and other unwanted damage. Our specialists will help you choose a table pad in accordance with your requirements: measurements, size, a manner of attaching.

We offer a wide range of restaurant textiles, including a quality table pad. It’s a solid practical pad placed under the tablecloth, a canvas that directly touches the table-top. This peculiarity not only helps to preserve the original look of the table top for a long time but also prevents tablecloth from sliding, which ensures that the tableware won’t break.  

A quality table pad

Table pad has a firm base, and that is why it perfectly attaches to the surface of the table. The top layer of the material can be smooth or fleecy, this property depends on the type of an item. Among the important table pad properties for the restaurant, there are:

· Reliable protection of furniture surfaces from high temperatures, scratching by sharp objects during table setting;

· Absence of noise when moving objects, ensuring comfortable silence in the hall;

· The ability to absorb moisture, which might accidentally be spilled on the tablecloth;

· The possibility of fitting the material to the exact dimensions of the table tops;

· A wide range for choosing the best table pad option for a tablecloth.

If you order textiles for restaurants, bars or cafes, you should think about the protection of furniture. That is why you need not only tablecloths, napkins, covers for chairs, towels, curtains but also table pads of the appropriate size and thickness.

If you take care of a table pad, the surface will remain undamaged for a long time. If necessary, this material will help to make an ideal connection between the tables to transform them into a single structure of the desired shape and length.

We offer to buy table pad with a fitting to match the exact dimensions of the surfaces. To do this, our specialists can come to your facility and provide the necessary assistance and advice on the optimal type of restaurant textile, taking into account your requirements and wishes.