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Buffet Skirts

     Stylized buffet table skirts are used to decorate restaurant furniture during banquets, weddings, anniversaries, corporate parties and other festive events. Special banquet skirts, which you can always order from our company, transform tables into more aesthetic elements decorated in a single design style.

Fixing of the buffet skirts to the base is done through pins, buttons, or plastic clips. The design of the products can be anything you like, have wavy flames, folds or frills. High-quality fabrics of appropriate density and color are used to make these accessories. Ready products are suitable for decorating tables of different shapes – round, oval, square, rectangular, asymmetric.

Festive skirts for restaurants

For restaurants, buffet skirts are tailored with long-term use in mind. The designer products offered by GREHORI TEXTILE have the following advantages:

Practicality. Even after repeated washing, ironing the fabric retains its original shape, wholeness, the brightness of color;

Versatility. Banquet skirts can be used to decorate furniture of any shape, to form all tables in a visually unified design, or as a mean to conceal flaws.

Aesthetic appeal. Thanks to the professionalism of our experts, ready-made buffet skirts for restaurants have a luxurious look, unify the style of the whole place, emphasize uniqueness, an elegance of the interior.

Buy buffet skirts

       Simple fixing of buffet skirts, high practicality, and attractive appearance make these products popular among modern restaurateurs and interior designers. Even if the furniture does not differ in quality or novelty, turning them into creative and stylish items will the help of buffet skirts purchased from our company.

To make an order for restaurant textiles, all you need to do is provide us with is the size, color, type of material, and the number of items you need to be tailored. You will be able to buy buffet skirts in the ready-made form, with all your requirements, and with convenient delivery to your specified address. Call us and we will gladly help you with the selection of the right model.