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Bread basket

Table setting requires lots of important elements. Besides the tableware, special dishware for use, you must consider the presence of tablecloths, napkins, covers and such items as a basket for bread. These fabric accessories are necessary for serving sliced ​​bread, biscuits, croissants. You can always buy baskets for table setting made of high-quality textiles from the GREHORI TEXTILE company.

WIth our own modern equipment, a team of qualified specialists uses practical and aesthetic materials to produce the best textiles for restaurants, bars, banquet halls in the hotels. If you need a professionally sewn basket for bread that will be made in accordance with all your wishes, we recommend that you make an order now.

Basket for bread

Every bread basket you get from our masters will certainly combine the best properties. Textiles that we tailor have the following advantages:

· Modern and stylish design that complements your establishment;

· Versatility, which allows for the use of fabric dishware for serving bread and other bakery products;

· Practicality and high quality that guarantees the preservation of the original shape of baskets for storing sliced ​​bread and another bakery, as well as a pleasant appearance for a long daily use;

· Convenience. If you decide to buy baskets for bread from textiles, you will be able to not only maintain the image of the place but also increase the convenience for both the staff and your guests;

· Hygiene. To keep the baskets for restaurants clean, it is enough to wash and iron them using ordinary means.

You can order such dishware for the restaurant in the right size, shape, color. In the manufacture of containers for storing bread, we use only natural or high-quality synthetic materials with the possibility of applying thematic patterns and branded logos.

How to buy a basket for bread?

Bread basket must have aesthetic look and comply with current sanitary standards at the same time. We sew this dishware for serving from the textiles that conform to all standards and requirements of the customer. To buy a basket for bread, specify the following information when placing an order:

· Type of material;

· The need for decor (embroidery, decoration with ribbons or lace);

· Dimensions;

· Shape (round, oval)

· Colour;

· Quantity.

For restaurants, cafes, bars, hotel complexes, we also offer a wide range of textiles of any design. You can contact us now to get a consultation and indicate the type of items that need to be tailored. Baskets are delivered by specialized transport services. You can choose the most convenient payment method for you.