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Restaurant textile

You can always order designer restaurant textiles that are famous for high quality, exclusiveness, and visual appeal from the company “GREHORI TEXTILE”. Beautiful and stylish fabric tablecloths, table pads, napkins, covers for chairs and armchairs, buffet table skirts and table overlays made by our professional experts will be a great addition to any modern interior of a restaurant, cafe, bar, banquet hall in a hotel or business center.

For tailoring restaurant textiles, we use only high-quality fabrics, which are processed on our own modern equipment. Each item meets customer requirements, is distinguished by aesthetics, practicality, durability of color preservation, shape, and other important quality indicators. By contacting us, you can order the tailoring of restaurant textiles of various types, sizes, colors, with custom embroidery, logo application, decoration.

Tailoring textiles for restaurants

Taking into account all the wishes of customers and the requirements for modern fabric items, we perform tailoring of textiles for restaurants with proven, high-quality materials made by the leading manufacturers. Therefore, each item carries luxury, high aesthetics, it is pleasant to the touch, durable in a daily use and very practical. You can always order from our company varieties or restaurant textiles in a bulk or in retail following:

· Tablecloths;

· Napkins;

· Covers for chairs, stools, armchairs;

· Buffet skirts;

· Table runners;

· Table overlays;

· Mats under the plates, sets, runners;

· Uniform for staff;

· Curtains;

· Towels;

· Blankets for terraces;

· Cutlery pouches;

· Table pads, etc.

If you need textiles of a truly high quality with company logos, printed names or exclusive decor, we invite you to cooperate now. According to your request, our manufacturing specialists will do everything necessary so that you would receive the best items for a restaurant, bar, cafe, banquet hall in a timely manner.

Textiles for restaurants to order 

Modern textile for the restaurant complements the interior design of the facility, makes it more attractive, unleashes the style chosen by the designer, and makes it individual. For guests, high-quality textiles are the indicator of the image, as well as the means of enhancing the comfort of leisure or festive events. When choosing textiles to order, you get:

· Beautiful and elegant items, designed specifically for your place with all the features, desires, requirements;

· Practical, durable products that withstand repeated washing and ironing;

· Tablecloths, napkins, covers, curtains, towels, made in unified style and colors, emphasizing the fashionableness of the place.

With us, you can always make an order for tailoring restaurant textiles of standard or custom sizes and shapes. Any elements of textiles necessary for table setting and decoration of the hall will be tailored by our masters from the materials that you have previously selected with a guarantee of quality.

Buy restaurant textile

In addition to high aesthetics, textile for the restaurant has several other functions. High-quality napkins and tablecloths, practical chair covers provide protection for restaurant furniture from damage or dirt. Also, textile products are necessary for protecting guests from stains, splashes, pieces of food. If you want your place to have exclusively modern, visually appealing and durable textiles, choose high-quality fabrics and only proven manufacturers. Upon contacting us, each client receives the best textiles made professionally and in compliance with all requirements and wishes.

To buy restaurant textile, you just need to contact our managers and discuss the details of the order. If you need help choosing fabrics, sizes, shapes, colors, types of decor, our specialists will provide comprehensive consultations.