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Pillow “Prestige”

325.00 UAH.415.00 UAH.

Pillow “Premium”

398.00 UAH.489.00 UAH.

Pillow “Comfort”

225.00 UAH.290.00 UAH.

Pillows for hotels

Hotel textiles should be aesthetic, comfortable, versatile, durable and hypoallergenic. Such pillows for hotels you can order from the company “GREHORI TEXTILE”. It should be noted that the textiles are also an indicator of the level of your facility, so we offer a wide range of high-quality, comfortable pillows of various sizes and with different types of fillers.

Every customer can buy pillows to provide a hotel with high-quality bed linen at an affordable price directly from the manufacturer. You can choose from the best solutions – pillows made of luxurious fabrics and natural fillers.

The range of pillows for the hotel

Pillows for hotels, selected from our catalog, will certainly ensure the comfort for the guests. When ordering pillows in a bulk or retail, you will always get only the highest quality products. Please note – the available items from modern materials have many advantages, including:

· Ability to quickly return to their original shape;

· Hygiene and compliance with sanitary requirements;

· Versatility of use;

· Protection against moisture absorption, odorless;

· the ability to maintain the original look, shape, color for a long time;

· Softness and comfort;

· Hypoallergenic;

· Breathability;

· Unfavorable environment for insects, dust mites.

Microfiber, cotton (drill, satin) are used for manufacturing of pillow inserts. Synthetic materials such as holofiber, artificial swan feathers, and polyester are popular as fillers. If you need pillows for hotels, buy better and more presentable ones. It is necessary to order products with natural sheep wool or bamboo as a filler,  and silk and satin as a pillow insert.

Buy cheap hotel pillows

When ordering pillows in a bulk, our customers receive substantial discounts without losing any advantages in the quality. To get items that are most appealing to the needs of the place and your personal wishes, choose models that:

· Have an optimal size;

· Made of high-quality material and filler;

· Meet the standards of hygiene and comfort.

If you need to buy pillows for hotels with delivery, we can assist you in the shipment arrangements to the specified address. To find out the cost of your order, contact our consultants and get the necessary information.