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Наматрацник-чохол водонепроникний

443.00 UAH.805.00 UAH.

Waterproof mattress cover on elastic tapes

248.00 UAH.562.00 UAH.

Mattress cover

324.00 UAH.671.00 UAH.

Mattress cover on elastic bands (Advanced)

261.00 UAH.576.00 UAH.

Mattress cover on elastic bands (thin)

245.00 UAH.521.00 UAH.

Mattress protectors for hotels

To protect mattresses in a hotel, boarding house, sanatorium, kindergarten, hospital from premature wear, pollution, dust, mechanical damage, we recommend taking care of the presence of special protection. These products are mattress protectors for hotels. You can order mattress protectors in the necessary quantity and the appropriate size.

Taking into account all the requirements for this type of hotel textile, we include into the range the mattress protectors made of high-quality materials, which are hypoallergenic and durable. Each presented model is characterized by practicality, the prolonged preserving of the original form and shape, resistance to washing or bleaching.

The range of mattress protectors

We do our best to offer exceptionally beautiful, pleasant to the touch, versatile textile products for our customers. When choosing mattress protectors for a hotel, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

· Material used for tailoring a mattress protector (natural, synthetic, combined, latex);

· the size of an item;

· additional properties (antibacterial, anti-allergenic, with protection against static electricity, humidity or air control, orthopedic);

· The type of fabric on the side where the mattress will touch the sheet;
· Filler (if available);

· Protection against humidity and water ingress;

· Neatness of tailoring, evenness of seams, quality of threads;

· Color;

· Fixation method (stickers, buttons, rubber bands, etc.).

We offer mattress covers of the most popular sizes for standard mattresses. You can also order products with custom sizes. With the help of such textiles, it will be easy to provide comfort, hygiene, cleanliness. In addition, mattress covers greatly facilitate the mattress maintenance itself.

How to buy mattress protectors for a hotel?

If you want to buy mattress protectors for a hotel that would be of a high-quality and at an affordable, please contact us. Functional and aesthetic textiles will protect mattresses from damage and pollution, help to make the mattress more rigid or softer, and ensure the preservation of heat and a comfortable microclimate.

To place orders, you can use a website catalog or call our manager. It is possible to arrange delivery of mattress protectors to the specified address by specialized service departments.

Items in a bulk are available at special prices.