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Bedspreads for hotels

You can always buy satin, tapestry, jacquard, velour and other high-quality bedspreads for hotels by contacting the company “GREHORI TEXTILE”. For each client, we offer exclusive textiles that protect the bed linen from dirt and stylishly highlight the interior of the room at the same time. Due to a wide range, even the most exquisite expert will be able to make a choice.

From our range, you can buy bedspreads for hotels of various types, colors, sizes. You can also order the tailoring of the item according to individual parameters by choosing textiles that match your requirements. In any case, the bedspreads that you’ll choose will decorate the room and give the interior convenience and comfort.

High-quality bedspreads for hotels

Such products as bedspreads should be aesthetic, shouldn’t cause irritation, and do not need constant and thorough care.

For the manufacture of textile products, we are using high-quality materials from proven manufacturers, which stand out due to improved properties. We offer to buy bedspreads for hotels with the following advantages:

· Attractive appearance;

· Practicality;

· Quality that ensures high wear resistance, long-term preservation of the original appearance, shape, colors;

· Hypoallergenic;

· Easy operation, the possibility of multiple washing, ironing without tearing;

· Versatility.

You can order bedspreads in a bulk or in small batches with a beautiful pattern, print, embroidery. Very often, we make products with a logo, brand name, to mark the individuality of the item, and its belonging to your place.

How to buy bedspreads for hotels?

It is profitable to order hotel bedspreads in a bulk. In addition, we offer optimally affordable prices for high-quality textile products for hotels. It is necessary to choose bedspreads, taking into account the following parameters:

· Type of fabric (from luxurious natural to budget synthetic);

· Dimensions (standard or custom-made);

· Color (in a single color or with a combination of shades);

· Availability of printing, embroidery, decor elements;

· The necessity of applying the logo (on the tag or on another place).

To buy hotel textiles that meet all the requirements and needs, it is enough to consult our manager who will help you choose the best solution and determine the cost of the order. When you purchase items in a bulk, you always get favorable discounts. Delivery over Ukraine is organized with the help of specialized transport and courier services. You can make a payment in the most convenient way for you.