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Bathrobe “Bath” male

1,200.00 UAH.

Bathrobe “Bath” female

890.00 UAH.

Bath foot towel 50х70 sm

146.00 UAH.

Hotel slippers

40.00 UAH.

Spanband Hotel slippers

32.00 UAH.

Pillow “Prestige”

325.00 UAH.415.00 UAH.

Простирадло класичне

204.00 UAH.594.00 UAH.

Підковдра з прорізом

342.00 UAH.1,030.00 UAH.

Envelope style pillowcase

63.00 UAH.112.00 UAH.

Наматрацник-чохол водонепроникний

443.00 UAH.805.00 UAH.

Waterproof mattress cover on elastic tapes

248.00 UAH.562.00 UAH.

Mattress cover

324.00 UAH.671.00 UAH.

Textiles for hotels

You can always order from our company the high-quality textiles for hotels that meet all the requirements and wishes of the hospitality industry. We offer luxurious and practical, exclusive or classic textiles from the best materials and accessories at affordable prices from the manufacturer, with the guarantee of professional tailoring within the agreed deadline.

You can always buy aesthetic, versatile and durable hotel textiles of any type during new construction or renovation, for a designer interior transformation or for the replenishment of inventory. We offer complete sets and individual products from natural or high-quality synthetic textiles in a wide product range.

The range of textiles for hotels

We tailor textiles for hotels, restaurants, resorts in a professional manner and to do this we have our own fully equipped modern production line with a team of qualified specialists. To be able to meet the needs of each client, we are constantly improving and expanding the range. Therefore, you can order the following types of textile products:

· Bed linen (sets, pillowcases, sheets, duvet covers, mattress covers)

· Pillows, blankets, bedspreads;
· Towels;
· Bathrobes;

· Curtains (grommet curtains, sheer curtains);

· bathroom mats.

We tailor exclusive items according to individual sketches and parameters. Also, any textiles may have special embroidery or printing. To do this, you just need to specify what picture (print, label) you need to apply.

Professional tailoring of hotel textiles

Understanding the need for durable, practical textiles, we use high-quality fabrics that we import from around the world. Textiles for hotels are made from materials that meet the highest requirements. In addition to the top-quality fabric of high density, our company uses the best accessories and decorative elements.

Carefully selected and processed fabrics eliminate manufacturing defects, they look neat, each seam is even, the color of the thread matches the color of the material. The items do not have an unpleasant smell and retain the original beauty and shape after repeated washing and ironing. We also take into account the fact that textile products must be easy to clean from dirt and stains, and that they shouldn’t pill. Therefore, we choose a fabric with the corresponding properties.

It’s quite simple to order tailoring of hotel textile, just specify the type of textile, quantity, material, color, size, the need for a logo. At the same time marking can be done directly on the fabric.

How to buy textiles for hotels?

Do you want to buy textiles for hotels? Then our experts will help you choose the best material and color, or offer the services of designers who will develop an exclusive corporate style to meet the requirements of an approved brand book, or your own wishes.

Orders are accepted through the website and by phone. Manufacturing deadlines are agreed in advance and are strictly followed. Delivery is organized with the help of specialized transport and courier services. You can make a payment in any convenient way for you.