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T-Shirt long sleeve female

320.00 UAH.

Sweatshirt unisex

550.00 UAH.

T-shirt “Polo” short sleeve male

320.00 UAH.

T Shirt “Polo” short sleeve female

320.00 UAH.

T Shirt female

190.00 UAH.

Apron “Khortytsya” mod-1

430.00 UAH.

T-Shirt “Polo” long sleeve male

430.00 UAH.

T-shirt “Polo” long sleeves female

430.00 UAH.

Apron “Munich” mod-1

450.00 UAH.

Фартух “Хортиця” мод-1

285.00 UAH.320.00 UAH.

Apron “Wroclaw” mod-2

390.00 UAH.

Uniform for waiters

Tailoring uniforms for waiters is a part of our service area. We offer high-quality special clothing for workers in the hospitality area of restaurants, bars, cafes, fast food, banquet halls in hotel complexes. Years of experience, complete production line and a team of skilled professionals allow us to make uniforms of any complexity at an optimal cost.

For the staff of your establishment, we’ll tailor a uniform with the desired design, corporate color, with the fabric of your choice, and with the necessary decor, logos, patterns. The best fabrics from proven manufacturers will be used, which will ensure the durability of preserving the original appearance of clothing after prolonged wear, repeated washing, and ironing.

         When ordering our uniforms, your staff gets aesthetically attractive and practical clothes at the same time that will not cause discomfort, stiffness of movement, allergic reactions to poor quality fabrics. Our specialists will ensure that the clothing corresponds to the stated size and is adapted to effective use during work.

Tailoring uniforms for waiters

The waiter’s clothing must comply not only with established norms and standards but with the image of the restaurant, cafe, bar. When choosing fabric and color for tailoring the uniform, we recommend that you take into account thematic features of the facility and the need to complement the clothing with various accessories or hats. We receive orders for universal apron used by coffee shops, hookahs, fashion bars, and exclusive restaurants. We also produce:



Classic costumes;

Skirts and blouses

Pants, bridles, shorts;

T-shirts with different length sleeves;




National or thematic costumes;


Hats, etc.

Thanks to our own manufacture and modern equipment, we offer special tailoring of clothes in any quantity, with decorated firm embroidery, drawing, print, and logo. The uniform for waiters, which you order in “GREHORI TEXTILE”, is guaranteed to last a long time without the loss of attractive appearance, the brightness of colors, etc. Also, we often use waterproof and refractory fabric for clothing in the manufacturing range of our products.

Buy clothing for waiters

We offer to buy an apron for a waiter or a complete uniform at a bargain price directly from our manufacturing line. Clothing is made of high quality and practical fabrics, that:

Withstand daily load (wearing for hours);

Are resistant to stains of various origins;

Easily washed and ironed;

Always look attractive and neat;

Do not require any special care using expensive tools.

Uniform for waiters can be universal or designed for a particular season ( for summer to provide comfort in the heat and for winter to protect from low temperatures), have a thematic color that corresponds to the corporate style.

The sophisticated design of corporate clothing of your employees provides a comprehensive style of the institution and distinguishes you from competitors .. Luxurious coats or classic suits, fashionable aprons and trendy shirts – we will tailor all uniforms with a guarantee of high quality. To make an order, you need to contact our managers to discuss the details, agree on models, sizes, terms, prices. We are waiting for a call at your convenient time.