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High-quality corporate t-shirts

Our specialized manufacture develops modern corporate t-shirts on request with our own modern equipment, high-quality materials, and experienced skilled craftsmen. Stylish and practical company t-shirts can have a wide variety of colors, lengths, sizes, and can be tailored for women, men, children or be unisex.
    Putting logos on t-shirts is carried out using different methods. We use embroidery, screen printing, and iron-on. When ordering special clothing, all details regarding quality, type of material, the appearance of textile products are agreed beforehand with the customer. Therefore, final products from our company have high quality, distinguishable aesthetics, versatility, and correspond to the established company brand.

The range of corporate t-shirts

     Printing on t-shirts displays a variety of symbols. It can be the name of the organization, company logo, advertising slogan, or a name signifying a timed of some important release, etc. If this is a company t-shirt, then the purpose of their manufacturing can be:

The desire to increase the team spirit in the organization, to emphasize the unity of the team, to point out the achievements of employees;

To increase the effectiveness of the advertising campaign;

The need for corporate gifts for customers, visitors, users during promotions, seminars, sales;

The need to provide the staff with universal and identical clothes, which correspond to a branded dress code.

Also, the print on t-shirts is used to make sports uniforms for a team, for participants of a certain event (festival, civil movement). Tailoring of products is made using high-quality natural fabric that does not stretch, does not cause discomfort or allergic reactions, does not interfere with movements, is pleasant to touch and wear-proof.

Advantages of T-shirts with a logo

     Corporate t-shirts that enhance the status and brand recognition rate are used in many cases. Marketers consider this method of boosting the company’s popularity one of the most effective ones in the industry. Customers that order corporate t-shirts with a logo from us, receive quality and durable clothing that:

Is suitable for intensive daily use;

Retains shape and wholeness after repeated washing, ironing;

Does not lose color brightness;

Meets the requirements stated in the brand book;

Has the right size, design.

High-quality printing on t-shirts is done taking into account the wishes of our customers and the features of the company. The logo, title or other inscription can have any design, font size, and color of the letters. Due to our own manufacturing line that has specialized modern equipment, we perform orders of various complexity and guarantee the best execution possible.

How to order T-shirts?

     Our production offers corporate t-shirts for company employees, which have high-quality, durability, versatility and attractive appearance. Such clothes are used as a uniform for employees of any facilities and organizations. It can be used by anyone, be it managers, salesmen, bartenders, nurses, assistants, cashiers, waiters, operators. Depending on the company’s level, this wardrobe will have the appropriate style.

      Applied logos on t-shirts emphasize the affiliation of employees to the corporation, enhances the confidence of clients or visitors, and help increase the popularity and recognition within the industry. T-shirts with embroidered logo are very popular.

    To order corporate t-shirts, you need to provide us with some details. Please contact our managers and provide them with the necessary information:

The desired model (length of the shirt, the length of the sleeve, type of neck, female, male, unisex);


The desired color;

Presence of the logo and its type (embroidery, screen printing, iron-on);



    We do not need a lot of time to complete the order, but everything depends on the complexity of the order and its volume. You can always increase the number of necessary products by ordering an additional batch with the same design. T-shirt orders in a bulk come at a special price. If necessary, our managers will arrange delivery of finished products to the specified address. You can check out corporate T-shirt prices now by consulting our specialists.