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Corporate souvenirs

Need corporate souvenir products of high-quality textiles with a logo put on the items using embroidery, screen printing, or iron-on methods? We offer specialized manufacturing services. Order cool accessories, gifts, branded souvenirs for your employees, new and existing customers, users.
    Thanks to having corporate gifts with a logo, your company will be able to advertise more effectively, get new customers faster, increase customer loyalty and gain partner trust. Original and practical business souvenirs, branded gifts will have a positive effect on the image of the company.

Professional manufacturing of souvenir products

The best materials and design ideas will be used to make souvenir products that correspond to your request. Due to our own, fully equipped modern manufacturing line, we offer production of a variety of branded merch. The range of souvenirs with corporate symbols on them is constantly expanding, and you can order such popular options as:

Elements of corporate clothing, uniforms;

Baseball caps, bandanas with logos;

Towels, napkins, handkerchiefs;

Bags, backpacks;

Blankets, other textile products and more.

      If necessary, we will create exclusive souvenirs according to your plans and sketches. High-quality, stylized, or practical souvenirs with company logo will become an effective marketing tool, a means to actually spread the popularity of the brand or expression of gratitude. To manufacture products that will fit the purpose of the organization and your requirements best, you need to specify the type of gifts (accessories) and what proprietary mark should make them different.

You can always order corporate gifts in a bulk or in small batches. Ready products can be characterized by the following advantages – flexible, good-looking, practical and comfortable to use, durable, creatively designed.

How to order corporate gifts?

Please note that applying a logo to souvenir products always emphasizes the belonging of the product to the company, organization. Using branded gifts will positively affect the recognition rate of the brand, increases the loyalty of the target audience and the effectiveness of marketing activities associated with the promotion of products and services.

You no longer need to waste time and search for a reliable partner if you need to create high-quality corporate gifts! To order branded souvenirs, accessories, contact managers of our specialized workshop and discuss the details. The timing depends on the complexity of the task, whether it’s a design model or the number of products you need.   Conveniently for our clients, we help to organize the delivery over Ukraine. Payment is accepted in cash and through bank transfer.