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T Shirt “Polo” short sleeve female

320.00 UAH.

T Shirt female

190.00 UAH.

Apron-chinton “Vilnius” mod-1

440.00 UAH.477.00 UAH.

T-Shirt “Polo” long sleeve male

430.00 UAH.

T-shirt “Polo” long sleeves female

430.00 UAH.

Blouse “Sacramento” mod-1

730.00 UAH.

Blouse”Detroit” mod-1

730.00 UAH.

Apron “Munich” mod-1 (Copy) (Copy)

520.00 UAH.

Uniform for maids

Stylish and practical uniform for maids, which you can order from us, will certainly stand out with high quality. Thanks to a well thought out cut, our products not only meet the existing requirements but also provide ease of work, do not obstruct movement, do not cause discomfort in the process of wearing.

A standard or custom-made uniform for maids can be embroidered in any variety. Among the most popular ones are:

Blouse with trousers;


An apron with a closed back;

apron – chiton;

T-shirt with trousers;

    The aforementioned types of uniforms are used by the staff of hotels, boarding houses, sanatoriums, hostels. Suits, dresses or aprons feature a set of important advantages – attractive look, comfort, durability when it comes to preserving the shape and color even after multiple washing, ironing processes. You purchase a uniform of the desired design from the best materials by ordering the required amount of embodiment today.

Buy uniforms for maids

     A modern uniform for maids is an indicator of the image of the place. Therefore, when choosing the color and fabric for the uniform, we always take into consideration the reputation of hotel and service. For maids to have an aesthetically pleasing and practical clothing, we exclusively use high-quality textiles, popular stylistic designs, all kinds of decor.

   If the corporate garments for maids are well-made, then they will last for a long time without the need for a replacement. Among the most important advantages of our products, we would like to highlight:

Visually appealing models;

High quality that prolongs their lifespan,

No unpleasant sensations or allergic reactions when wearing;

Full compliance with modern requirements.

     To purchase a uniform that will positively affect the image of your hotel or health resort, please contact our company. Our experts will help you pick the best fabrics, a model of special clothes, sizes, color. If necessary, the uniform for maids will be delivered at the address you specified.