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Apron “Khortytsya” mod-1

430.00 UAH.

Apron “Munich” mod-1

450.00 UAH.

Фартух “Хортиця” мод-1

285.00 UAH.320.00 UAH.

Chef coat “Orlean” mod-2

890.00 UAH.

Chef coat “Palermo” mod-6

810.00 UAH.860.00 UAH.

Chef coat “Florence” mod-1

890.00 UAH.

Chef Coat “Texas” mod-4

890.00 UAH.986.00 UAH.

Apron “Wroclaw” mod-2

390.00 UAH.

Clothes for cooks

You can always order practical and aesthetically appealing uniforms for cooks from the company “GREHORI TEXTILE”. Skilled experts perform tailoring of wardrobe items for cooks and support staff using quality fabrics, advanced equipment, and professional experience.

    The stylish clothes for cooks of our manufacture provide employees with a necessary uniform and emphasize the image of the place at the same time. To fulfill each order, we design models and add your brand names or logos to create unique apparel. You can buy clothes for cooks in a standard or exclusive design at affordable prices.

Professional clothing for cooks

   Professional cook’s clothing must meet important requirements. Taking into account the clients’ specifications, as well as sanitary and hygienic rules, our manufacturing line tailors uniforms for cooks, that are:

Practical. Special clothing retains its original shape and appearance, color brightness  for a long time, and the clothing stays tear-proof even after repeated washing and ironing;

Versatile. Products can be used for the kitchen (men and women) in a restaurant, cafe, hotel or dining room;

Aesthetic. Thanks to the high qualification of our masters, each set (a separate part of the kitchen wardrobe) is an embodiment of the modern time style and a sense of taste;

High-quality. In addition to a long-term preservation of the original appearance, the overalls provide comfort during wear, do not cause allergies, do not interfere with movement

     The range of clothing for the kitchen staff allows everyone to choose the appropriate solution to all requirements and planned budget. Upon request, we manufacture apparel for cooks including:
· Kite
· Trousers;
· Aprons;
· Hats (caps, hats, bandanas).
Where to buy a uniform for cooks?
    If you want to buy uniforms for cooks, just call our managers. To make an order, you need to specify some information – what kind of uniform should be tailored, what fabrics should be used, and in what sizes. In addition, you can discuss branding colors (if necessary), the presence of branded logos, etc.

Each tailoring order for kitchen workers will be immediately carried out within the agreed deadline. Customers are offered convenient payment methods. Delivery is possible to the specified address.