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Sweatshirt unisex

550.00 UAH.

T Shirt “Polo” short sleeve female

320.00 UAH.

T Shirt female

190.00 UAH.

Apron “Khortytsya” mod-1

430.00 UAH.

Apron-chinton “Vilnius” mod-1

440.00 UAH.477.00 UAH.

T-Shirt “Polo” long sleeve male

430.00 UAH.

T-shirt “Polo” long sleeves female

430.00 UAH.

Apron “Munich” mod-1

450.00 UAH.

Фартух “Хортиця” мод-1

285.00 UAH.320.00 UAH.

Apron “Munich” mod-1 (Copy) (Copy)

520.00 UAH.

Uniform for sellers

If you need high-quality uniforms for sellers, GREHORI TEXTILE will offer the best solution for your stores. Professional tailoring of modern and functional uniforms is one of the main directions of our company activity. By owning a fully equipped production and a team of skilled professionals, our company offers you to buy uniforms for sellers of any style, any configuration, and at favorable prices.

According to the current sanitary and hygienic standards, uniform for trade workers consists of apron or a dressing gown and a headgear. But now you have the opportunity to significantly expand the standard equipment to highlight the aesthetics of special clothing, emphasizing the image of the place and increasing the popularity and level of buyer trust.

A universal uniform intended for workers of shopping centers, supermarket chains, should correspond to the corporate style and be of high quality, practicality, comfort in the process of use. This elegant, hygienic and functional clothing, we tailor using hypoallergenic fabrics in accordance to agreed colors, and with the possibility to complement clothes with branded accessories.

Uniforms for trade workers

Apron for the seller is an important detail of the uniform. Therefore, such product must meet the sanitary standards, as well as maintain their primary shape, color brightness, stay tear-proof even at daily stress, after repeated washing and ironing. We always take into account these features and we exclusively use reliable wear-resistant fabrics for tailoring special clothes. The important advantages that distinguish the uniform for sellers of our production are:

Attractive appearance, tidiness;

Practicality, freedom of movement;

Compliance with current norms and standards;

High wear resistance, durability;

Accordance with corporate style

      Thanks to the high quality, the proposed uniform provides employees with a tidy and aesthetic appearance, making it a business card of a store, branded boutique or supermarket. It promotes increased popularity, customer trust, and positively affects the building of a good image of the company.

Order a uniform for sellers

It is very easy to order tailoring of uniforms for sellers. All you need is to contact our managers and discuss all the details. We offer individual manufacturing of uniforms of any complexity and sets. This can be:

Uniform for sellers;

Bib apron or server apron;

Suit with a skirt or pants;


Ties, headscarves and other accessories;





T-shirts with different length sleeves;

Standard t-shirts;

Hats (hats, caps);

Warmed variants of vests, jackets, trousers, etc.

The special clothing for men and women will certainly differ in aesthetic design, tidiness, comfortability, and durability. We exclusively use high-quality fabrics from proven manufacturers during the production of sets and individual garments. Therefore, the uniform does not cause allergic reactions, complies with standards of hygiene, consistently withstands repeated washing, ironing.

Buy uniforms for sellers

         You can buy uniforms for trading floor, standard shop, boutique, with an individual style or pick from popular highly practical models. To underscore garment accessories to a proprietary trading network, we offer a wide range of colors, exclusive embroideries, brand prints, logo, adding special accessories to the sets. To make a uniform that is optimally suited to all your requirements, please indicate when ordering:

Desired type of material;

The required color;

Package set;

It is also necessary to coordinate the patterns of clothing, size, quantity. If you decide to buy a uniform for sellers in our company, then you will definitely get high-quality products that fully meet the sanitary standards, aesthetics and modern appearance.

        To get the desired order within a short deadline, contact us now. If necessary, our experts will advise on the variety of uniforms, offer the best option of fabric, and will help you choose the best models of special clothing for the sellers of your facility.