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T-Shirt long sleeve female

320.00 UAH.

T-shirt “Polo” short sleeve male

320.00 UAH.

T Shirt “Polo” short sleeve female

320.00 UAH.

T Shirt female

190.00 UAH.

Apron “Khortytsya” mod-1

430.00 UAH.

T-Shirt “Polo” long sleeve male

430.00 UAH.

T-shirt “Polo” long sleeves female

430.00 UAH.

Apron “Munich” mod-1

450.00 UAH.

Фартух “Хортиця” мод-1

285.00 UAH.320.00 UAH.

Apron “Wroclaw” mod-2

390.00 UAH.

Clothing for the bartender

     Every hospitality place must have stylish and creative, high-quality and comfortable clothes for bartenders. Our company provides some of the best choices. Taking into account all the wishes and requirements, out skilled craftsmen will design and sew a uniform for bartenders using high-quality fabric, which will preserve the attractiveness and integrity of the product for a long time.
    The bartender uniform, which you order from us, will emphasize the uniqueness of your place and attract the attention of your guests. Thanks to practicality and versatility, special suits or individual aprons for bar staff, cafes, restaurants are also suitable for daily use for men and women of different physique, height. You can agree on tailoring of an exclusive uniform with logos, get advice from tailors, specify wholesale prices.

The range of forms for a bartender

      Contemporary business reality requires high professionalism from owners of bars and restaurants, as well as attention in every detail. The barmen’s uniform is an important indicator of the image and level of the facility. To meet the needs of each customer, we have a wide range of uniforms for bartenders. You can always order executed in the appropriate style:





Tunics (military);








Per your request, bartender apron and any other uniform will be tailored using the best material in accordance with the preferred design, corporate color, size, and quantity. The product will meet the basic design concept of the place, feature optimal comfort and high aesthetics.

To order aprons for a bartender

     The bartender apron can be standard (from the waist), complemented with a bib, have one or more pockets, be of different lengths, sizes, and colors. Custom-designed T-shirts, shirts, sweaters, trousers, skirts, suits can also be made in various modifications. If it is difficult for you to choose the best option on your own, our qualified specialists will help you pick the right option.

    To order tailoring for the bartender, please contact us at any convenient time for you. We will discuss all the details, help you choose a quality fabric, develop exclusive models (if there is such a necessity), and calculate the cost. When ordering large batches of fabric products, attractive bulk prices are offered. If necessary, we arrange delivery of the finished uniform to the specified address. You can choose the most convenient payment method.