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T-Shirt long sleeve female

320.00 UAH.

T-shirt “Polo” short sleeve male

320.00 UAH.

T Shirt “Polo” short sleeve female

320.00 UAH.

T Shirt female

190.00 UAH.

T-Shirt “Polo” long sleeve male

430.00 UAH.

T-shirt “Polo” long sleeves female

430.00 UAH.

Blouse “Sacramento” mod-1

730.00 UAH.

Blouse”Detroit” mod-1

730.00 UAH.

Tailoring of medical apparel

If you need high-quality, aesthetic good-looking clothes for healthcare workers, then we offer you the services of our company. Due to having our own manufacturing line and a team of skilled craftsmen, we tailor medical uniforms of any design, size, and color in full accordance with the requirements of clients, as well as sanitary and hygienic standards.

At your request, we sew lab coats or suits for physicians using high-quality specialized fabrics. These products can be made in a single corporate style, have printed logos, brand-themed embroidery. The finished order or further special tailoring is performed only within the agreed deadline.

The range of clothes for doctors

High qualification of our specialists allows making special clothes of any modification and complexity. To meet all the wishes and needs of our customers, we offer a wide range of garments for physicians. You can order from our manufacturing line:

Costumes for an ambulance;

Surgical costumes;

Costumes for dentistry;

Tailoring lab coats, etc.

Taking into account current trends, our masters offer stylish tunics, waistcoats, trousers, jackets, hats, which can be light or warm. All products are aesthetic, practical, versatile. Due to high quality and practicality, medical clothing is suitable for pharmacists, medical center staff, beauty salons and spa salons, dental and veterinary clinics, students of medical schools.

The Benefits of Custom Medical Clothes

Ambulance suits, lab coats, and other types of medical clothes tailored by specific orders have several advantages. If you buy such products, you will get:

Stylish or even designer-like clothes that have an attractive look;

Practical items that retain their original beauty and shape  for a long time, do not lose color even after washing them 100 times;

Universal trousers, lab coats, suits, vests, which can be combined with other wardrobe items;

Clothing that has the right size, does not cause discomfort, allergies, does not interfere with movement.

Fabrics that are used for tailoring medical lab coats and suits feature a special characteristic that allows for easy removal of spots and other kinds of dirt. Textiles are tailored according to customer requirements and in case of necessity, can easily be combined. The material of the required color is processed on modern equipment, and all finished products undergo a careful quality control. For each piece of clothing, we put our reputation at stake, so we always have a highly professional approach to tailoring for both small or large orders.

Order tailoring of clothes for medical staff

Buying medical apparel according to all your requirements is very simple. By using the services of our company, you will get the desired items that will have a high-quality, be stylish and practical. If necessary, we tailor suits using warm textiles that will give comfort and warmth in the cold season. We also offer summer clothing, which will be convenient, hypoallergenic to any healthcare worker, student, cosmetologist or pharmacist.

You can order medical apparel via our website or by phone. For tailoring of individual sets, lab coat, jackets in the process of ordering, you can specify the following information:
· A variety of clothing patterns (for women or men, a suit or a part of a medical wardrobe);
· Dimensions;
· Color;
· Material
· The presence of special embroidery;
· Quantity
    In addition, you can request the production of several sample copies, if it means tailoring exclusive models with an original design for a private clinic, medical center, beauty salon, we can do that as well. We produce clothes that can have a designer look, a logo and be supplemented with branded accessories. Our masters will perform any order in a short deadline with a guarantee of high quality. If necessary, we can deliver your order directly to you.