Printing on clothes and textiles

Grehori Textile Company offers professional printing on clothes and textiles. With the help of modern equipment, qualified technologists and masters will print a picture, inscription or a logo that will satisfy the owner of the item for a long time even with its daily use.

Are you interested in Printing on clothes and textiles?

Usually, printing takes place with the help of the following techniques:
  • Iron-on – the image is printed on a special paper or tape (phlox or flock), and then - under a strong thermal press at temperatures above 1500 degrees Celsius it is transferred to the fabric. The owner can safely put this item through machine washing in delicate mode or handwashing. The print on clothes or textiles will remain unchanged even after more than 50 washings if applied through the paper and not less than 500 - through the tape;
  • Screen printing – with the help of modern technological equipment, the image is applied to the item with special paints resistant to the influence of the external environment. The print will remain the same for at least 100 washing cycles. Recommended washing mode: delicate at temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius.

Both methods allow you to realize creative ideas from making unusual gifts to developing promotional accessories and corporate clothing. With the service from Grehori Textile, you will get a high-quality item with a photographic print.

Do you want to print on clothes or textiles?

First of all, you need to coordinate the sketch of a logo. If necessary, the designer of the company will create it based on the wishes of the client. Printing is the optimal solution for making:
  • unified corporate style of clothing with the logo of the company for employees;
  • promotional and branded souvenir products (such as flags, napkins, cups, and banners);
  • Exclusive interior accessories: curtains, sheer curtains, bed linen, and pillows;
  • creative gifts with symbolic photos, pictures or inscriptions that will undoubtedly be appreciated and remembered by those to whom they are addressed.

At Grehori Textile, you can order the printing of any kind of clothing and textile accessories at a good price: T-shirts, raglans, overalls, caps, bandanas, napkins, ties, fabric bags, curtains, bed linen, advertising banners, and other products. Want to know more? Call us at +380965070005, or leave an application on our site.