Mounting of curtain rods, sun protection systems

The quality of the mounting the curtain rods and sun protection systems is just as important for the creation of a beautiful and practical interior as the choice of design for the aesthetic design of the window space. Therefore, we recommend entrusting the installation of these decor items to professionals.

Do you need to mount a curtain rod quickly and firmly?

To ensure the curtain is securely supported by the curtain rod, and the installation is done carefully and in accordance with the safety regulations, please contact Grehori Textile. Our contractors perform assembly and mounting ceiling and wall constructions of all types:
  • strings - hooks, which move along tight stretched strings. For this kind of cornices it is better to choose curtains made of light fabrics;
  • Tubular - the classic version of plastic or metal;
  • profile - their aluminum base allows you to create design constructions of various shapes;
  • baguette - represent a wide plastic or wooden bar, which hides behind itself the entire system of fastening.

All you have to do to order installation services is to call the пшмут phone number or leave an application on the company’s website, as well as specify with the manager the convenient time of the contractor’s arrival. Deadlines and the price depend on the volume of work. The general algorithm for the installation of curtain rods is as follows:

  • maximum accurate marking of walls or ceilings;
  • precision drilling holes for mounting;
  • bracket mounting;
  • assembly and mounting of the cornice.

Interested in the mounting of sun protection systems?

Have you decided to install sun protection systems on the windows, which will hide you from unnecessary attention, shade the room from too bright sunlight or a street light preventing sleep at night? With the help of special tools, the contractor will quickly carry out a quality installation of the selected structures:
  • horizontal or vertical blinds;
  • roller blinds of dense textiles;
  • curtain-plisse;
  • exquisite Roman curtains.

Professionals in Grehori Textile take their job very seriously, so the company’s customers are always confident in the installation of curtain rods and sun protection systems. By the way, it is possible to order not only the installation of structures but also a turn-key work, which will include a full range of services, from the creation of a stylish design project and the manufacture of curtains to their reliable mounting.